Thursday, 8 December 2011

My brothers aciendent.

It all started when we wanted to go camping,it was so long
ago I can't remember where we went!My dad (Philip) and my
brother (Tai) were playing wail my mum and I prepared lunch.

My dad was swinging my brother by his hands very fast
but the weather was very very hot,so it made his hands
very sweaty in the end my hands slipped.The next thing
I knew Tai was screaming his head off because he
landed in a barb wire pit !! We ran to the rescue as
fast as we could.When we got there blood was
every where!We carried him to the tent and cleaned
his leg.

I felt so sad for him because I could see what he
was going though.At the end of it all I was covered
in blood but it was worth seeing him smile again.=)

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