Wednesday, 11 May 2011

My amazing quilt!! By Tiaan

Come! Come! To see the amazing Tiaan's quilt. Oh, sorry just finished. I'm Tiaan and this is my quilt! This quilt has nearly everything you need to know about the one and only ........ME!!!

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  1. To Tiaan:

    Hey on my dads computer here that has internet, I-Nicola was'nt able to comment on how to play Harry Potter game would'nt let me. Anyways It had too many colours mrs Heeps said " only one "
    So also be carefull with what you type because you said " How to play " like as in colecting stuff and passing things. I mean that was what sliped to my mind when I read the title. But it was good that you-Tiaan told us what we needed to turn it on and that so you to work on that at you're new school if they use NetBooks like our amazing school does.



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