Wednesday, 11 May 2011

My amazing quilt!! By Tiaan

Come! Come! To see the amazing Tiaan's quilt. Oh, sorry just finished. I'm Tiaan and this is my quilt! This quilt has nearly everything you need to know about the one and only ........ME!!!

Chocolate galore! by Tiaan

Uhhh! Oh sorry, I did not see you there. I Tiaan was just moaning about the scrumches chocolate smell from a pot. We were making chocolate for our group prize we earned. These were only some of the amazing egg patterns.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! by Tiaan

Hi, I'm Tiaan and you are on my individual blog. That means you will only see my blog posts on this page.You will see some things that happened at school but of course your probably thinking "What will happen in in the holidays" and why am I doing this all . Well,in the holidays I will keep you updated with the awesome stuff!

Me! Me! Me! and Me! by Tiaan

Hi,my name is Tiaan , Tiaan and Tiaan! Why did I just say my name three times? You may ask?, Well this team room6 has been learning about self portraits . So we dyed sketched ,and printed the one thing ........ ME!