Thursday, 8 December 2011

How to design a great flag

1.Keep it simple .A flag should be so simple a child can remember it. Two flags I think meet this criteria are Scotland and Tonga because they are simple.
2.Use meaningful symbols (icons,emblems) . for example- Kiwi,Koru,Stars,Moons and national emblems.
I think New Zealand and Fiji have meaningful symbols because there icons mean something. explain
3.Use three basic colors(strong)

Get ready to roll !!

Get ready to roll!!!!!!
Get Ready to Roll

I was amazed that all those people had not given up on playing sports it was truly an amazing story to behold! I was very interested and wanted to learn
more about Wheelchair Rugby.


1.Wheelchair Rugby Involves rugby (DUH!!) ,volleyball and basket ball.
2.Quadriplegia Can happen When your ill you’re
3. Quadriplegia can be caused when you have a car accident .
4.The higher you injury on your spine the more disabled you can get.
5.The Wheel Blacks won Para-Olympics in 200

The young man and the cat.

Once upon a time there lived a handsome young man and a white,beautiful,Persian cat who lived with the man.The cat got the best food ,a comfortable cushion to sleep on,a big garden to play in and a cat flap inserted in a door so the cat can lounge in and out when ever she pleased .

Every afternoon the cat placed herself on the mans bed as he stroked her white fur and told her how how beautiful she is the cat wished she could tell him but she couldn't because she was a cat.Venus the goddess of love heard her and wanted to help...

The next day the cat was nowhere to be seen but there was a beautiful lady that the man fell instantly in love.They got married the very next day.Venus is happy but she didn’t
think that the love will last long . Later on a mouse walked into the house ,the lady’s nose
twitched and pounced onto the mouse and and started to eat it ! The man watched in horror as his wife turned back into the white,beautiful Persian cat.

Experiment to show chemical reaction.

This experiment happened on Monday 5th December 2011

Materials :Baking soda pinch,citrus acid pinch, handy Andy qtr cup ,Glitter pinch,water 15mils.
Equipment: Measuring tube,tray,glass.

What happened:

1. We Poured water into the measuring tube.
2.Then we dropped in baking soda.
3.Then the citrus acid.
4.Then the glitter.
5.Then handy Andy.
6.Then shake and watch and explosion!!!


My brothers aciendent.

It all started when we wanted to go camping,it was so long
ago I can't remember where we went!My dad (Philip) and my
brother (Tai) were playing wail my mum and I prepared lunch.

My dad was swinging my brother by his hands very fast
but the weather was very very hot,so it made his hands
very sweaty in the end my hands slipped.The next thing
I knew Tai was screaming his head off because he
landed in a barb wire pit !! We ran to the rescue as
fast as we could.When we got there blood was
every where!We carried him to the tent and cleaned
his leg.

I felt so sad for him because I could see what he
was going though.At the end of it all I was covered
in blood but it was worth seeing him smile again.=)